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Scout System

Scout System

The Scout System is a living, ever-changing, online database with a vast array of recruiting tools. While many "recruiting sites" are designed as media sites aimed at general public subscriptions and helping athletes find scholarships, the Scout System is designed to be much more. Our clients include Colleges, High Schools, and the Athletes themselves.

1. Colleges

Colleges utilize our system to review profiles, read evaluations and scouting notes, watch film, and to track athletes. Our live reports, evaluations and unique rating system help colleges find athletes that fit their respective programs. Our collegiate clients also utilize our unique tools such as individual and group athlete tracking, individual and group notes system, a recruiting 'big board', an academic calculator, and much more.

2. High Schools & Junior Colleges

A promoter of Athletes, High Schools and Junior Colleges may join our system at no cost. We encourage school community to list their student athletes if they aren't already, and join in on giving feedback on their athletes - increasing the exposure of their students and their chances of a higher education. Schools have the capability of posting their athletic schedules for games and have the option to subscribe to our film service allowing the viewing, storing and trading of game film (with other schools).

3. The Athletes

Accessing your existing profile, or adding your own and keeping it accurate as an athlete is completely free. We highly encourage all athletes to take advantage of our system to further their education and opportunities at the collegiate level. There are many very qualified and skilled athletes that never get connected with the right college. We consider our service similar to that of a matchmaking service for colleges and athletes. Athletes have the optional capability to subscribe to our services requesting to get scouted live, improving their chances at being rewarded a scholarship and an opportunity to continue their education at one of our member colleges.

Profiles & Evaluations

The core of the Scout System is our athlete profiles and accompanying evaluations and feedback.


Athlete Profiles

Profiles are submitted by our scouts as they perform evaluations in the field, as well as by high schools, junior colleges and the athletes themselves. Having a player profile in our system does not require a paid subscription and is highly encouraged to increase your visibility to colleges that utilize our system ever day.


Junior College (JUCO) and High School coaches are highly encouraged to claim their school accounts on our system, and promote their athletes. The Scout System has a special feature within the Athletic Profiles where coaches can write personal feedback and evaluations on their own athletes that only our College clients can access and review.


In addition, individual athletes are encouraged to apply for free access to their profiles so they can keep their private information up to date (email address, phone numbers, contact info, grades, etc) as well as uploading film clips and pictures.


Scout Evaluations

The single most important feature of the Scout System, is our scout evaluations. Performed by our professional scouts, we do evaluations on athletes by seeing them live at games, combines and other events - never by just watching film. All of our evaluations are done with strict criteria to provide consistency across all of our evaluations, making it easier for our College clients to digest and compare the thousands of evaluations within our system.


Integrity is one of the most important things to The Scout System, and all of our evaluations are with the utmost honest and integrity as possible - and are kept "eyes only" to the scouts that author the profiles, and the colleges only. At no time will the Scout System release or share profiles with any athlete, school, general public or their parents. It is vital to the Scout System that outside influences and interests never have an impact on our evaluations, as this does a disservice to both the athletes and our clients.


Scout System Tools

The Scout System has a vast array of tools to assist our Collegiate members in both a single-user experience, and working together as a staff. Below are some of our most popular tools, and a brief description of each.


Note: Many of our tools have two (2) features: 'Personal' and 'Group'. Personal features are those where data entered is private to you and your login/account only. Group features are similar to private, but viewable by all members of your staff ('Group' of accounts for a single University) so you can share data and work together more easily.

Athlete Tracking

With thousands of athletes profiled in our system, keeping track of specific athletes can become cumbersome. For this reason we have created a unique featured call "MyTag" which allows you to "tag" (mark) profiles for easier tracking and organization. This tool also includes a "GroupTag" feature, which similar to the "MyTag" with the difference being that any Tags made can be seen collectively by all members of your staff.

  Screenshot    Screenshot    Screenshot

Athlete Notes

A companion to the "MyTag" and "GroupTag" system, our Notes feature allows you to write personal notes on athletic profiles. This tool is very useful for writing personal evaluations, keeping track of contact history, and other miscellaneous data. The Notes feature is available both in a personal form (MyTag) and group form (GroupTag) allowing your staff to share notes.


Instant PDF

When viewing an athlete's profile, you can select the PDF option and instantly receive a PDF output of the profile with a special layout for easy organization and printing. This feature is also available when viewing our scout evaluations on an athlete, giving you both the player's profile accompanied with the evaluation in a special layout unique to the Scout System.


Academic Calculator - Grades Online

Our Academic Calculator has been designed to support a vast array of guidelines which vary by State. Once grades are entered, a GPA is calculated and you can save these entries in a "summary" type form, easily reviewed within the Calculator. As an advanced feature, any calculations performed and saved are completely reviewable by any member of your staff.


High School Services

While access to School profiles is completely free for all high schools and junior colleges to list their athletes, game schedules and pictures - there are optional services for which they can subscribe.

On-Line Video

Similar to other competing services online, the Scout System supports the ability for High Schools to upload film for private storage and viewing, as well as trading games with other member High Schools that utilize the Scout System. This service does require an annual subscription by the school.


Coaching Classifieds

Coming mid-2013, our Coaching Classifieds service will allow our members to post their resumes online as well as review other potential candidates for open positions on their staffs. Member schools will be allowed to review resumes at no additional costs, but individuals that wish to have their resumes posted will require a small annual fee for listing.